Breaking WEST news

Exciting things are happening at our local bible college, WEST! You might want to take a look at the new WEST website, but also have a read of this news item, soon to be published in Evangelicals Now, describing a new partnership between WEST and Porterbrook Network:

There is also news about initiatives in the Welsh valleys that should be of interest to local people.


Reading the Bible Together

We are starting a new venture during the month of June – to read the bible together (RBT for short). This is a reading scheme that was started in Mount Pleasant Church in Swansea and that a number of churches have taken up. It involves simply reading a book or books of the bible during the month and then coming together to discuss what has been read around a few helpful questions.

You can find more information on our special RBT page, and can download the reading plan and the question sheet.

Why not join us as we read God’s word and encourage one another to take it seriously?

Coffee break!

We held our first coffee break yesterday (Thursday) and were delighted to see so many come along to chat over a coffee together. The recent changes to our building have made events like this possible and we are hoping to open the church for coffee once a month to start with, along with other events to make use of our facilities.

Keep a look-out for the banner to find out when the next coffee break will be held and please come and join us.



We are progressing well with changes to the inside of the chapel and now have new carpet AND chairs!

There is still work to do on the outside and a bit of painting and clearing up inside, but we are getting there. The building will be open on Sunday morning after the service if any would like to have a look.

For a photo record of the work from beginning to present, please visit the Phase 1 page.

New Affinity website and Foundations journal

As a church, we are supporters of Affinity and have fellowship with other Affinity related churches in Bridgend. The Affinity website has just undergone a radical revamp and is well worth a look. There are a number of very helpful resources under the Resources section and also a comprehensive church finder to locate other Affinity churches.

Just published today, you will also now find the Affinity theological journal, Foundations. This was previously available only by paid subscription but is now offered for free on the website (on the Foundations page). The theme of this edition of Foundations is “The Truth Shall Set You Free – the Doctrine and Function of Scripture in the 21st Century.” It includes most of the papers given at the Affinity Theological Studies Conference held in February 2011.