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News of events and activities

Christmas coffee break

We would love you to join us for a special Christmas coffee break on 13th Dec 2018. There will be good coffee and tea, cakes, definitely a few mince pies and possibly a few carols. We will pause for a few minutes around 11am for a short Christmas thought from the bible.

Christmas 2018

We would love you to join us for our special Christmas services to celebrate the good news of the coming of Jesus into this world. All our Christmas services will be suitable for all ages.

Sunday 23rd December

10.30am Christmas family service
Shorter service suitable for all, with Christmas songs and and the good news of the Christmas message from the bible.

6.00pm Carols by candlelight
Traditional carol service with a selection of your favourite carols. The service will last around an hour, concluding with a brief Christmas message from the bible.

Festive refreshments will be served following both services so you can stay and chat for a while.

Tuesday 25th December

10.00am Christmas morning service
45 min service to start your Christmas day off in the right way! Children are welcome to bring a few presents to show off during the service (always a fun part!).

Harvest Thanksgiving

Sunday 23rd September will be our Harvest Thanksgiving services. All are warmly invited to join us as we remember God’s goodness to us in all that he provides.

Sunday 10.30am  Harvest Thanksgiving family service

Sunday 4.30pm  Bring-and-share tea followed by an informal time of worship together.

There will be a harvest table if you would like to bring a donation of food for the display. The majority of the food will be given to the work of Bridgend Foodbank. At the moment, they are in need of the following items:

Easter services 2018

Maybe you have never been to church before, maybe you have wondered what Easter is all about, or perhaps this is one of the few times a year that you feel you ought to go to church, whoever you are and whatever you think of Easter, we would like you to invite you to pay us a visit this year:

You will be sure of a warm welcome and you will hear what the bible has to say about Jesus, his life, death and resurrection.

Soup Lunch again!

We are holding another soup lunch on Tuesday 21st November 2017 and we would love to invite you all to come. It’s not a fund-raiser or a preaching meeting (although there will be a short thought-for-the-day), but just an opportunity to be together, enjoy each other’s company and some simple food together.

We hope to see you with us! Here’s a few pictures from last time…

Open Day

Bethel Open Day – 30th Sept, 11.00am-2.00pm

We are a friendly, Bible-believing, Christian church and we want to share with you, our local community. We would love to welcome our village and to meet our neighbours so why not come and join us for our first ever open day!

We have made a number of changes to the building over the last few years and would like to show you what we have done (some with the help of grants from BAVO).

Perhaps you have had past connections with the church. You might be new to the area or just curious. Maybe you have never been to Bethel before. Whoever you are, we would love to see you.

There will be free food and refreshments, games and activities for kids, information on the church’s history and current activities and just a friendly atmosphere to enjoy.

In the Christian message of good news, centred on Jesus Christ, we believe we have the best news in the world and would love to share that with you.
We look forward to seeing you!

Easter 2017

The truth

The whole truth

Nothing but the truth

Those words are part of the question asked to a witness in court to ensure that what they are about to say to the court is true and not fiction. At Jesus’ trial, just before his crucifixion, there wasn’t a whole lot of truth around. He was sent off to his execution on the basis of false accusations from false witnesses.

But not all the witnesses of the Easter story were false. We have four eye-witness accounts in the bible and three of those gospel writers mention another eye-witness who saw the events of Easter close-up and told the truth about what he saw.

He was a soldier, a centurion in the Roman army and an expert in crucifixion. He had probably crucified many people during his career but none quite like Jesus. What made Jesus’ death so different?

For starters, what Jesus said while he was dying was different. The two other men crucified with Jesus hurled insults and cursed but Jesus prayed for forgiveness for those who had put him there.

Then there was the extraordinary darkness that came just before the time of his death accompanied by an earthquake and other strange phenomena. The temple curtain was torn down the middle from top to bottom.

Then there was the moment of his death itself. No lingering death at the mercy of the nails and the pain. When Jesus died, it was at his own command. The gospel writer Luke records that “Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last.” (Luke chapter 23 verse 46).

The centurion who saw all of this, familiar as he was with the process of crucifixion, yet saw something unique in Jesus’ death. “…When the centurion, who stood there in front of Jesus, heard his cry and saw how he died, he said, “Surely this man was the Son of God!” (Mark chapter 15 verse 39).

What do you make of Jesus’ death? Well, none of us were there, but will you accept the testimony of eye-witnesses? The gospel writers, the centurion and many others witnessed this extraordinary death. They saw and believed that Jesus was the Son of God, the one sent by God to bear the punishment for our sin, the one we must believe in to know forgiveness and the promise of new life.

As Christians, we believe this is the truth of the Easter story and it is the greatest news the world has ever heard! It is a truth that we want to share with you this Easter time.

Why not join us for one of our Easter services this year and hear more of the Lord Jesus Christ, he who declared himself to be “the way, the truth and the life.”?


Friday 14th April
10.00am Good Friday Service
Refreshments following

Sunday 16th April
10.30am Easter Family Service
6.00pm Easter Celebration
Refreshments following both services