Resources for our new series on the church

As promised last week on Sunday morning, here are a few links to some resources that may be of interest as we begin a new series in our Sunday morning services on the church. We are using as a framework, the 9 marks of a healthy church (Mark Dever). The links below give you an insight as to why these 9 particularly were chosen (with video from the man himself) and then lots of questions and answers that will be very helpful if you have the time to look through them.

For each of the 9 marks, there is a very helpful, brief summary of “what it is?”, “where is it in the bible?” and “why is it important?” Our church has many differences to a big church in Washington D.C. (Capitol Hill where Mark Dever pastors) however we are just as concerned as them to know how to be a healthy church and therefore to know what God has said in his word about his church. Here are the links:

The home page of the 9 marks organisation:

Detail on what the 9 marks of a healthy church are:

A section full of questions and answers for church members:


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