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Latest edition of the Affinity Bulletin

Bethel is a member of Affinity, who produce an online publication called “The Bulletin”. The Bulletin is published three times a year by Affinity’s Social Issues Team to keep evangelical churches and individual Christians informed of the implications of legislation and public policy on social issues in the UK.

Visit the Bulletin page for the latest issue dealing with the following subjects:

  • An Affinity statement affirming the Uniqueness of Marriage
  • Rod Badams on the The Police and the Public Order Act
  • Peter Fearnley on Sex Education in schools
  • Gerald Tanner on Ministry to the Mentally Distressed
  • Dr John Ling with an Update on Life Issues
  • Rod Badams with an update on Significant Individual Cases


New Affinity website and Foundations journal

As a church, we are supporters of Affinity and have fellowship with other Affinity related churches in Bridgend. The Affinity website has just undergone a radical revamp and is well worth a look. There are a number of very helpful resources under the Resources section and also a comprehensive church finder to locate other Affinity churches.

Just published today, you will also now find the Affinity theological journal, Foundations. This was previously available only by paid subscription but is now offered for free on the website (on the Foundations page). The theme of this edition of Foundations is “The Truth Shall Set You Free – the Doctrine and Function of Scripture in the 21st Century.” It includes most of the papers given at the Affinity Theological Studies Conference held in February 2011.

Latest issue of Affinity Bulletin

The latest issue (March 2011) of the Affinity publication The Bulletin is now available over on the Affinity website. We recommend you have a read to keep up-to-date on the implications of legislation and public policy on social issues in the UK. Here’s the summary of the contents of the March issue:

In Britain, it’s census time again, but it is coincidence that the March issue of Affinity’s social issues publication, The Bulletin, is dominated by statistics.

This issue uses some other recent statistics to show that in all probability, two thirds of Britain’s population will claim to be Christian in the 2011 census. Another recent authoritative survey has shown that the homosexual population of the UK is much smaller than the figures which influenced the introduction of civil partnerships.

Most pertinently, though, Peter Milsom points out some of the implications of the recent survey of 17,000 evangelicals, conducted by the Evangelical Alliance and Christian Research, on issues connected with faith and practice. There are lessons which every evangelical church needs to address.

As always, there is plenty of important reading in The Bulletin – the implications of the Cornish B&B case, admission to Church of England Schools, and both grim and encouraging news of a wide range of life issues. It needs to be reading that leads to action.