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RBT further reading – Joshua and Judges

Our RBT readings in Sept were the books of Joshua and Judges. The content of these books raised a number of issues which we didn’t really have time to explore in detail in our feedback sessions. I thought it might be helpful to post a few links to some helpful resources, particularly on the issue of God’s command to Israel concerning the inhabitants of Canaan. Or to put it more bluntly, aren’t Israel guilty of genocide in the book of Joshua? We attempted the beginning of an answer in our feedback session, remembering that God is holy and just and that we are sinful and deserve God’s anger against our sin. Also remembering that God had promised the land to Israel and so was being faithful to that promise. Nevertheless, the issue of the justice of God’s action (through Israel) was raised (how could it be right to kill all those people?). I hope that the articles below might be helpful to give a fuller answer to this difficult question,

regards, Jim (pastor)

A really helpful article on the Gospel Coalition site by Justin Taylor – How could God command genocide in the Old Testament?

A short blog post by John Piper on his site, Desiring God – What does the slaughter of the Amorites mean?

A thorough article on the Bethinking.org apologetics site that goes into the wider issue of the mass killings in the Old Testament

Repost of an Evangelicals Now article on the Bethinking.org site – Is God a monster?