What’s On

These are our regular weekly activities at the moment (reduced because of ongoing covid restrictions):

10.30am Morning Service
6.00pm Evening Service
We have no facilities for young children to be taken out of the service at the moment, but are very happy for them to stay in with us. Refreshments are on hold until restrictions allow.

7.00pm Short bible study followed by a time of prayer, currently over Zoom (get in touch for details).

Other meetings below will resume as covid restrictions in Wales are eased.

2.00pm Various Ladies Meetings

10-12pm Coffee Break (once a month)

10.00am Daytime prayer meeting

Reading the Bible Together Feedback Meetings:
Usually the last week of the month, one meeting on Thursday afternoon (1.30pm), one meeting on Thursday evening (7.00pm). The notices page should have details for the current week.

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